Soffit & Fascia

                                                            What is Soffit & Fascia?


Soffit refers to the horizontal underside of a roof eave. Part of the function of the soffit is to assist in ventilating the attic. Soffit typically features a plain design with small holes that provide air circulation. The air from the soffit cycle to the vents to draw heat and moisture away from the house. This is a very important function because  moisture in the attic can develop rot in the sheathing and rafters.

Fascia is a vertical finishing edge connected to the ends of the rafters, trusses, or the area where the gutter is attached to the roof. The primary role of the fascia is to act as a layer between the edge of the roof and the outdoors, and is meant to protect the wooden board against water damage that can occur during certain weather conditions.


                                                               Why Is Soffit Important?


Soffit is important because it has venting that helps keep a steady airflow between your roof and attic. You’re probably thinking, why do I want outside air in my home?

Your attic needs to be well ventilated or else moisture can build up causing mold to form. The last thing you want in your home is mold.

Aside from keeping moisture out, soffit helps release heat from your attic during the hot summer months.

Soffit also helps keep animals and insects out of your home. Bees and wasps love to nestle up in soffit, so you need to keep it maintained to prevent them from invading.  It’s important to make sure your soffit has no cracks or holes in it and if it does, you must repair or replace it right away.


                                                               Why Is Fascia Important?


Fascia consists of the long straight board along the lower edge of the roof, so how can it be so important? For starters, it’s the last line of support for the lower edge of the bottom row of roof tiles or shingles.

Plus, it’s what your gutters are installed on. Gutters are extremely important and your fascia needs to be able to hold them up even during torrential downpour.

Fascia is also important because it’s visible to everyone. If you want to maximize your home’s curb appeal, your fascia needs to look great as well.

After finding out what soffit and fascia are, you might notice that yours needs replacing. In such a case, EC Installations can help you.

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